Top-notch web design & development services 🠪 with empowerment, privacy, and sustainability values at core.

Affordable bugfix, upgrade, and improvement services 🠪 that elevate your website while making it stronger, greener, and safer.

Reliable and cutting-edge hosting plans 🠪 for a secure and lightning-fast website.

A digital pharmacopoeia 🠪 to address the broader impact of digital technologies and bring you towards ethical digital practices that leave a positive impact on society.

At cyberia╱eu, our commitment goes beyond meeting your specific needs: we aim to exceed your expectations. Specializing in crafting top-notch, dependable, and enduring websites —among a spectrum of services— we uphold core values of empowerment, privacy, and sustainability.

We understand that our approach represents a departure from the traditional norms of the industry. This may introduce a radical paradigm shift for your organization but presents a unique transformative opportunity for your online activities.

Leveraging years of experience and robust technical knowledge, we are poised to make your organization stronger, greener, and significantly amplify your positive societal impact.

Are you prepared for this exciting journey?

Our Services

Digital technology can often be a source of alienation, but we're committed to using it to empower you.

We favor the use of proven free and open source tools, carefully selected to offer you freedom, power and security. In concrete terms, this translates into the hand-crafted design of versatile, scalable and highly customizable websites, exploiting in particular the full power of WordPress. Each site we create can be tailor-made to suit your technical constraints, budget, time, knowledge or resources.

We place particular emphasis on providing you with accessible tools, and on teaching you how to use them. In this way, we equip you with the knowledge you need to use your website with full autonomy.

Unlike proprietary platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, you're not tied to any commercial dependencies: your website belongs to you, and you have the freedom to take it wherever you want, whenever you want.


Take control and empower yourself with free and open tools


Join an ethical and caring web

We design and transform websites that respect you and your visitors, refusing to exploit any personal data. This gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship of trust with your visitors from the very first moment they meet you.

We also strengthen the independence and resilience of your online business by excluding all non-essential or hostile third-party content. As a result, your website's performance is directly enhanced, and the confidentiality of your business is preserved.

Finally, by adopting our demanding approach, make RGPD and similar legislation a strength, not a legal threat.

Join our commitment and participate in the emergence of an ethical web, benevolent and not hostile to society.

We are fully aware of the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate the most serious consequences of climate change and build a liveable, sustainable future. It has been documented that digital technologies have a major environmental footprint. That's why we take our responsibility very seriously to design every website through the prism of ecological urgency: every decision we make is guided by a thoughtful approach combined with solid technical expertise, aimed at finding the right balance between your needs and a limited ecological footprint.

In concrete terms, the websites we build are designed from the ground up to be lightweight, high-performance and durable. What's more, before they go live, we make sure they're meticulously optimized to guarantee a reduced environmental impact. So, in addition to requiring less energy, they remain fully functional with older terminals, so they don't need to be replaced prematurely.

Contribute to the emergence of a responsible digital future by opting for a website that seriously integrates high environmental standards.


Mitigate the environmental impact of your online presence.